John Van Steenkiste – Successful Private Investigator

John Van Steenkiste is a highly successful, highly dedicated professional currently working with in the field of private investigating. He is currently serving as the owner and operator of Compass Investigations, a private investigating agency established in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1986. Compass Investigations is a premiere private investigative firm providing both private and government industries a wide range of services. They specialize in the background and investigative fields with the ability to provide any client with a quality of service, results, and information that the client requires at highly competitive rates. John, along with Compass Investigations, has been hired by governments, private and public industries, and private individuals for his dedication, professionalism, and experience in the realm of private investigation. Compass Investigations’ principles have over 80 years of combined investigative experience. They staff paralegals, investigators, computer specialists, and professional researchers. They also belong to national and local organizations of Process Servers and have the ability to serve process throughout the United States of America.

John Van Steenkiste is an extremely successful private investigator. He has over 28 years of experience in the field since he began his own private investigation firm called Compass Investigations. Due to his overwhelmingly immaculate track record over the course of his almost 30 year career, he was hired by the Bahamian government in order to solve internal matters that they could not solve themselves. This kind of work is not out of the normal scope of service for Compass Investigations. Although John Van Steenkiste and his company are based in the state of Florida, they can literally serve anyone in the world with court documents.




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