John Van Steenkiste- Compass Investigations, Family, and Service

John Van Steenkiste is the founder and operator of Compass Investigations. Compass Investigations is a private investigative agency located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He established the agency in 1986 and has run it extremely successfully ever since. Their office is located in the down town Fort Lauderdale area, adjacent to the State and Federal Courthouses. They are staffed with investigators, computer specialists, paralegals, and researchers. Their renowned databases are the most comprehensive of its type and are comprised with thousands of information, sources, and reference facilities consisting of government records, corporate filings, stockholding records, government publications, and various media releases. Compass Investigations, and John serve the community offering services to both private and public industries, as well as international governments.

John Van Steenkiste has enjoyed an immense amount of success in the realm of private investigating. However, when he isn’t furthering the success of his private investigation firm, Compass Investigations, he is spending time with his family and helping those who are much less fortunate. John has one son named Anthony, who he enjoys spending time with. They enjoy watching and playing sports together like ice hockey. Anthony has played the sport of ice hockey since he was four years old and hopes to one day play in the National Hockey League. John also enjoys giving back to his community through various philanthropic endeavors including volunteering at children’s hospitals, like the Shriners Hospital.

John Van Steenkiste is dedicated to the betterment of his community. Whether it is through his professional life or his philanthropic endeavors, he has devoted himself to bettering the environment around him.




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