Almost Three Decades of Excellence with John Van Steenkiste

John Van Steenkiste is a highly successful and highly dedicated professional currently working with the field of private investigations. He is the founder, owner and operator of Compass Investigations, a private investigations agency established in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   He founded the firm in 1986 with the goal of establishing South Florida’s premier investigations agency. Today, Compass Investigations provides both private and government industries with a wide range of services. A couple of their specialties are background services and investigative fields with the unique ability to provide any client with a quality of service, results, and information that the clients are looking for. They do this on an extremely competitive basis thanks to a thoroughly efficient process and arsenal of experience. Communications are critical to this operation, and with John Van Steenkiste at the helm it is important to be thorough with clients, agencies and officials at every turn. This is a part of the efficiency puzzle. The principals at Compass Investigations possess over 80 years of combined investigative experience. That mind-blowing fact should tell the reader how unique this staff is. But that is not all. They also staff the best paralegals, investigators, computer specialists, and professional researchers in the business. The firm also belongs to a number of national and local organizations of Process Servers and have the ability to serve process throughout the United States of America. All of these tools are brought together by the unending vision and extreme efficiency that Van Steenkiste is able to integrate in everything the team does collectively for their clients. It’s a nimble but world-class performing group of professionals driven by the goal of being the best.



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