John Van Steenkiste, Big Success with Compass Investigations

Fort Lauderdale’s John Van Steenkiste is a highly successful and highly dedicated investigations professional. He is the founder, owner and operator of Compass Investigations, a private investigating agency he established in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1986. Compass Investigations is a premier private investigative firm that provides both private and government industries with a wide range of investigative services. Compass Investigations has been hired by governments, private and public industries, and private individuals for their dedication, professionalism, and experience in the realm of private investigations for many years. The company’s principals have over 80 years of combined investigative experience altogether and the firm staffs some of the best paralegals, investigators, computer specialists, and professional researchers in the industry. The firm belongs to national and local organizations of Process Servers and have the ability to serve process throughout the United States of America and around the world. The result has been an incredible path of success over the years. It’s not one the team takes for granted however and they apply themselves day in and day out with the energy and dedication on par with that of even a small startup firm would exhibit.

While he has enjoyed an immense amount of success in the realm of private investigating, John VanSteenkiste balances that when he spends time with his family and helping those who are much less fortunate. He has one son named Anthony, whom he enjoys spending quality time with. Together they enjoy various activities including watching and playing sports together like ice hockey. Van Steenkiste also enjoys giving back to the local community through various philanthropic endeavors. This includes volunteering at children’s hospitals, like the Shriners Hospital.



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